Grass Roots Sponsorship Program (Listowel Minor Hockey Association)

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Listowel Minor Hockey has been implementing a Grassroots Sponsorship program for years. The goal of this program is to remove financial barriers for 
families and give all children in our community an opportunity to play a game they love.

Our organization believes getting children involved at a young age is crucial for developing the confidence and skills that allow them to remain committed to the sport long term.  We understand the importance of children's mental health during these challenging times. These children are able to remain on the ice in small numbers developing skills, being physically active, maintaining interest in hockey and building lifelong friendships. All of these life skills become valuable for the overall contributions and influence they will provide to our community in the future. 

Goals for Grass Roots Program this year:

  • ●  FREE registration to all Jr IP/PreSchool players 

  • ●  Provide first time Pre-School players with a $50 equipment subsidy

  • ●  Purchase training equipment and resources to support Junior Development.

If you would like to learn more about the Grassroots sponsorship program or interested in other sponsorship opportunities with Listowel Minor Hockey, please contact our Director of Special Events & Sponsorship, Cindy Donkersgoed ([email protected]).